High Efficiency Lighting: Eliminate Hidden Costs

High Efficiency Lighting

Are the High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights you use to illuminate your warehouse keeping you in the dark about the true cost of using them? Do you know the real cost of lighting your warehouse? Do you want to learn how to save significantly on those costs?

Lighting represents as much as 50% of industrial and commercial electrical consumption. With the rising costs of electricity, replacing existing HID fixtures with energy efficient High-Intensity Fluorescent (HIF) technology can save you money now and will save you even more money in the future. The average savings per fixture when replacing a 400-watt HID with an Orion HIF is $100 per year. And the benefits extend beyond the electrical costs alone.

High Efficiency Lighting

Changing from HID to Orion HIF provides:

More than 3,700 facilities nationwide - including more than one hundred
Fortune 500 companies - have installed Orion's HIF lighting systems.

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