Sales & Service Network: The Benchmark In Performance And Ability

Experienced. Consistent. Proactive. Integrated. Everything you need in a materials handling partner.

When you partner with Werres, you partner with more than just one of the industry's most experienced and trusted material handling solutions providers. You partner with a company that is strategically located to suit your geographic needs.

We operate two fully-staffed sales and service centers and an additional sales office strategically positioned throughout Maryland, Virginia, eastern West Virginia and Washington D.C. Werres has over 90 dedicated employees including 44 factory trained service technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Werres is optimally positioned, integrated and located to commit to your success.

The Raymond Network Advantage

Werres is a member of the Raymond Sales and Service Center network, and that automatically provides you with direct access to strategically allocated, 100% integrated, expert material handling resources throughout North America when you need them.

Staffed by over 4,500 professionals, including 2,000+ highly trained technicians, and located in more than 100 key markets throughout North America, the Raymond Sales and Service Center network is comprised of only 21 authorized ownership groups, which enables us to provide This is a strategic approach we call CustomCare™ and it produces dividends for every one of our customers.

consistency of service and the ability to mobilize quickly whenever and however you require.

Everywhere You Need Us To Be

No matter where your operations are located, you can always count on Werres and the Raymond Sales and Service Center network to provide you with the support, knowledge and resources you need to improve efficiencies, uptime and overall productivity throughout your facilities.

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Werres Sale and Service Network

Werres is the authorized Sales and Service Center for Raymond® forklifts in Maryland, DC, Virginia and eastern West Virginia.