Batteries & Battery Handling Equipment

Werres Battery Handling Equipment

Werres represents the leading battery and charger manufacturers. Batteries are designed to deliver consistent reliable power to increase the running time of your fork trucks and can be fitted with watering systems to make maintenance easier. Our dependable line of SCR industrial chargers comes with a full range of rating and control designs to help extend the life of your batteries. Werres also offers a complete array of battery handling equipment.

Below is an overview of our battery and battery handling equipment.

Werres Single Level Vehicles

Single Level Battery Handling Vehicles

Designed to serve the small to medium sized forklift fleet.

Werres Mutli-Level Storage

Multi-Level Battery Handling Vehicles

Two and three level vehicles for the larger fork truck fleet.

Storgage Solutions

Multi-Level Storage

Shelving that incorporates battery and charger storage.

Werres Charging Stands

Charging Stands

For small fleets, these stands charge one battery at a time.

Storgage Solutions

Automatic Battery Wash Cabinets / Filtration

Automated washing for a variety of battery sizes and models.

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Werres is the authorized Sales and Service Center for Raymond® forklifts in Maryland, DC, Virginia and eastern West Virginia.