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  • LED Lighting Solutions

    Lower Operating Costs with LED Lighting

    Worldwide there is a growing desire to develop more efficient technologies to conserve resources and live sustainably. Werres has partnered with EcoZohm LED to offer turnkey solutions to help large industrial warehouse and manufacturing plants convert to energy efficient LED lighting. LEDs are the most efficient way of producing light. EcoZohm’s LED fixtures offer some of the highest efficiencies and lifespans on the market.

LED Lighting Options

  • LED Lighting Solutions

    High Bay Lighting

    EcoZohm's High Bay LED lights are designed for applications 20' to 70'. We offer a wide range of fixtures, lumen packages, and lens to optimize your lighting solution. High bay lights are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, cold storage, recreation center and hangers. Our lights are engineered to the highest standards to provide reliable, energy efficient lighting, in virtually any industrial environment.

  • LED Lighting Solutions

    Low Bay Lighting

    Ideally used for applications from 7' to 20', our low bay lights target energy efficiency and longevity to reduce operating costs. EcoZohm's Low Bay LED lights are typically used for mezzanines, pick modules, shelving aisles, task lights, and general industrial lighting. They come in a variety of lumen packages to custom suit your lighting needs. Optimal LED lighting solutions improve safety and productivity, while reducing energy consumption.

  • Exterior LED Lighting

    Exterior Lighting

    Safety, security, and low maintenance are key goals when designing lighting for the exterior of buildings and parking areas. EcoZohm's exterior LED lights are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions from high heat to freezing snowstorms. We offer a wide range of LED lights for building security, area, pole, and parking lots. Every component of our LED lights are engineered to provide the most reliable performance and reduced energy consumption.

  • Office and Commercial LED Lighting

    Office & Commercial Lighting

    Designed and manufactured using the highest quality components, EcoZohm's LED commercial lights were created for office and retail settings. Specifically designed to convert energy consuming fluorescent fixtures to highly efficient LED lights. Our commercial lights have been engineered to fit directly into an existing drop ceiling in both 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' troffer style configurations.

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