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    Improve Productivity. Reduce Costs.
    Allow your operators to focus on their order picking tasks, our patented Wire Guidance design will take care of the rest.
  • Wire Guidance Forklifts

    What is Wire Guidance?

    Wire Guidance is an electronic and mechanical system that controls VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) enabled forklifts steering by tracking an energized guidewire. Within each wire-guided aisle, this energized wire is buried inside a beveled cut that is approximately ½” to 5/8” deep. This exclusive system frees operators from steering responsibilities when wire guidance is activated, which in turn results in decreased product and rack damage, operator injuries, and lift truck impacts.

    Raymond’s patented No-Tune design quickly and reliably engages guide signals, while providing excellent tracking and stability.

Increased Productivity

With higher travel speeds, and faster aisle entry, you will see substantial increase in your picking productivity.

Space Utilization

Increase your facility space utilization with Wire Guidance by obtaining closer aisles and storing product on the floor, unlike rail guidance.

Reduced Costs

Freeing your operators from steering in VNA will increase efficiency and provide less rack, product, and forklift damage.

Decreased Risks

Automatic slow down & stop for navigation errors & automatic control for speed & height relationships, decrease the risk to your operators.

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