• Government Contracts for Material Handling


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  • Raymond Authorized Sales & Service Center

    RAYMOND GSA Contract


    Current Contract is valid through February 29, 2021 per Modification PO-0017. GSA Schedule Offerings include Raymond Electric Pallet Jacks:
            o     Model 8210
            o     Model 8310
            o     Model 8410 End Control Rider
            o     Model 8510 Center Control Rider
            o     Model 8900

  • Werres Corporation, Government Contracts

    Heavy Equipment Procurement Program (HEPP)

    CVC CUSTOMER VALUE CONTRACT SPE8EC-14-D-0014. Current Contract is valid through April 8, 2019

    Raymond Forklifts and Electric Pallet trucks are available on the CVC Customer Value Contract administered by the Defense Logistics Agency.

    Offered Models include:
        •     Stand-Up/Sit-Down Counterbalance - Models 4150, 4250 & 4750
        •     Reach & Deep Reach Trucks - 7000 Series
        •     Orderpickers – Models 5200, 5400, 5500 & 5600
        •     Side Loaders – Models 9300 & 9400
        •     Swing Reach Trucks – Models 9600 & 9700
        •     Transtacker Trucks – Model TNT
        •     Walkie Stackers - Model RRS
        •     Walkie Straddle - Model RSS
        •     Electric Pallet – Models 8210, 8310, 8410, 8510, 8610 & 8900

  • Cushman Utility Vehicles and Burden Carriers

    Cushman GSA Contract


    All Cushman Vehicles are available on GSA Contract.

  • Werres Corporation, Government Contracts

    Vantage GSA Contract


    All Vantage Electric Vehicles are available on State of Maryland BPO Contract.

  • Werres Corporation, Government Contracts

    State of Maryland BPO Contract

    BPO #001B7400275

    All Vantage, Cushman, and GO-4 Vehicles are available on our State of Maryland BPO contract.

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