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The Brief

TD SYNNEX is a leading global distributor and solutions aggregator for consumer electronics and the IT ecosystem. They are an innovative organization with more than $60 billion in annual revenue helping more than 150,000 customers in 100+ countries to maximize the value of technology investments, demonstrate business outcomes, and unlock growth opportunities. Ten of their logistics centers in the Continental U.S. have extensive conveyor systems that are at the end of life and needed to be refreshed. TD SYNNEX’s challenge is to upgrade and retrofit their conveyor systems while implementing new automation technologies in their facilities such that they become more efficient without interrupting their consistently high on-time delivery rates to their customers in the process.


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System Automation
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  • Our Approach

    In 2019 Werres first partnered with TD SYNNEX to implement an automated vertical lift module in the Suwanee, GA logistics center. Our approach was to not just sell the right machine for TD SYNNEX’s application but to help develop the process around it. This automation project met TD SYNNEX’s short term goal of optimizing space in the Suwannee facility to secure a new, large, customer account. It was also the first step towards TD SYNNEX’s long term goal of upgrading their conveyor systems and strategically implementing automation.

  • TD Synnex
  • The Results

    Following the success of the Suwanee project, Werres was selected to be the primary contractor for a larger, $3.5 million Opex Perfect Pick automatic storage and retrieval project in the Swedesboro, NJ logistics center. Werres was responsible for not only the implementation of the Opex machines, but also the layout design and implementation of all the new conveyors needed to transport totes and boxes between tote stacker, tote de-stacker, robotic case erector, Opex machines (2), in-line scale, top tape sealers, and shipping label print and apply stations. In 2021 Werres helped TD SYNNEX achieve success on another similar, but larger ($5.5 million) project in the Ft Worth, TX logistics center. Three years and three multi-million-dollar automation projects later, with a fourth project in the design phase, Werres is still helping TD SYNNEX achieve their long-term goal.

“Werres has not only successfully designed and installed the mechanical infrastructure for three major automation projects for us but their input in other areas such as the electrical and controls systems have had a very beneficial impact to these projects as well. Werres core competencies of conveyor integration, automation, design, and customer support continues to provide cost savings and thus a competitive edge to TD SYNNEX”
- Brad Shepherd, Sr Project Manager, TD SYNNEX.

  • Conclusion

    TD SYNNEX has significantly reduced their outbound labor costs (re: picking and packing) in two of their largest logistics centers in the continental US while also freeing up over 10,000 sq ft of floor space. This trend of success is expected to continue in 2023 when another Opex Perfect Pick automation project is scheduled to go live.

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    • TD Synnex
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