• Werres Corporation, Automated Guided Vehicles, AGVs


    Move Products Easily & Quickly
    AGVs are a perfect way to automate facilities. These vehicles are perfect for repetitive and/or dangerous tasks.
  • Werres Corporation, Automated Guided Vehicles, AGVs

    Flexible Solutions for Static Designs

    Are you looking to add a little automation to your warehouse? Werres Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems are fully mobile robots that can move and transport items within your production, warehouse and distribution environments.

    Our diverse line of AGVs provide reliable, autonomous mobile robotic solutions for when space is a premium, flexibility is critical and operational efficiency is an imperative.

    Our AGV solutions will boost your productivity, reduce product damage, and optimize your facility, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and profitability.

Increase Throughput

Increase throughput and efficiency with consistent and reliable transport

Decrease Risks

Improve employee safety with predictable and consistent movements.

Minimize Downtime

You will experience minimal downtime solve inconsistent labor availability.

Accurate Movements

Safe, accurate movements can reduce product, facility and equipment damage.

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