• Raymond Courier Automated Pallet Truck


    Flexible, Scalable Automation
    Efficiently manage repetitive horizontal transport and cart-towing tasks.
    Raymond Courier Automatic Forklift
    Raymond Lift Trucks Versatility

    Operate autonomously or manually to multiply the impact of your workforce.

    Raymond Courier Automatic Forklift in Warehouse operation
    Raymond Lift Trucks Flexibility

    Flexible automation to meet your changing operational demands.

    Raymond Courier Automated Pallet Jack
    Raymond Lift Truck Productivity

    Performs at the high level expected of any automated solution.

    Raymond Courier Automated Lift Truck with graphical user interface
    Raymond Lift Trucks Simplicity

    An easily scalable solution that works in tandem with your forklift fleet.

Find the Right Automated Forklift for You...

    Raymond Courier, Automated Lift Truck, Forklift, 3010

    3010 Raymond Courier

    Maximize workforce productivity and drive down costs of repeatable horizontal transport tasks with the Raymond Courier automated pallet truck. With labor accounting for 72% of lift truck ownership expenses, our automated pallet jack offers an efficient automated solution to optimize resources.

        •     Heavy-duty pallet jack with optional double length forks
        •     Efficiently automate repetitive horizontal transport tasks
        •     Ideal for putaways, long hauls, cross-docking and staging loads

    Raymond Courier, Automated Lift Truck, Forklift, 3020

    3020 Raymond Courier

    Boost productivity in batch picking, cart towing and parts-to-line operations with the Raymond Courier automated tow tractor. It makes simple work of automating repetitive and time-consuming hauls that are labor intensive but don't require skilled attention from an operator.

        •     Optimize batch picking, parts-to-line & cart applications
        •     10,000 lb. capacity

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