• Eco-Clean Battery Services, Mobile Industrial Battery Cleaning


    Save Money. Improve Productivity.
    Our self contained wash & service truck allows battery maintenance to take place at your facility by certified technicians.

Currently this service is only available in the South Western Virginia territory.
Please fill out the form below if you would be interested in receiving this service in a different area.

  • Werres Corporation Mobile Battery Wash Station

    Mobilized Battery Services

    Your supply chain is complex. The challenge lays in simplifying current processes while surpassing the industry’s rate of change. Not an easy task, but we can help.

    The regular maintenance of forklift batteries is often overlooked in a busy warehouse or distribution center. However, with proper charging and maintenance techniques you can add years to battery life which can lead to significant cost savings on high-priced items. And now, you don’t have to follow an outdated approach to maintain your lead-acid batteries.

  • Werres iPOWER Solutions

    Solutions You Can Count On

    Advantages to Using Our Eco-Clean Battery Solutions?

        •     Extend battery life with scheduled maintenance intervals
        •     Reduce the number of new battery purchases for your fleet
        •     Improve battery performance and operator productivity
        •     Diminish corrosive material contact with the lift truck
        •     Ensure the battery remains in a positive state of charge

    Download our brochure to learn more about 'Werres iPOWER Solutions' pricing and services.

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