Commercial Cushman Line

  • Cushman Utility Vehicle

    Our Work Ethic Knows No Limits.

    We've built a reputation on job sites around the world by helping hardworking crews get the most from every hour. More ground covered. More equipment hauled. More tasks put to bed.

    For industries where the jobs never end, we built customized vehicles that never stop working. Let's kick the excuses to the curb. Let's work.

Cushman Haulers

  • Commercial Cushman

    Hauler Pro (Electric)

    Remarkable 50-mile range and quiet 72-volt AC powertrain, impressive energy efficiency, low operational cost, 12-cubic foot cargo bed with a 800-lb load capacity.

  • Commercial Cushman

    Hauler Pro-X (Electric)

    72-volt AC powertrain, 50-mile range, silent operation and lifted suspension your team can work seamlessly without disrupting your environment.

  • Commercial Cushman

    Hauler 1200

    12-cubic foot roto-molded bed can easily be customized for every task. Featuring tie-down locations, divider slots and a full line of affordable accessories, transporting everything from loose gravel to small equipment has never been easier.

  • Commercial Cushman

    Hauler 1200X

    Standard features include a lifted suspension for added ground clearance, optional all-terrain tires, and a 1200-lb total load capacity. From transporting equipment to facilitating property maintenance this vehicle is a force to be reckoned with and offers reliability you can count on.

  • Commercial Cushman

    Hauler 800 (Gas or Electric)

    Built to move people and small equipment around any work site with ease. 5.9-cubic-foot cargo bed and a total capacity of 800 pounds.

  • Commercial Cushman

    Hauler 800X (Gas or Electric)

    5.9-cubic-foot cargo bed and bench seating with a lifted suspension and trail tires that take on bumps and ruts without breaking a sweat. Choice of a fuel-efficient 13.5 hp Kawasaki® gas-powered engine, or a quiet, zero emissions 48V electric drivetrain.

  • Cushman Commercial

    Hauler 4x4

    Robust 28-hp EFI Gas engine with user-selectable 4WD and a 100-mile range, 800-lb cargo capacity and 4-wheel independent suspension gives you a smooth ride no matter where the day takes you.

  • Commercial Cushman

    Hauler 4x4 Diesel

    22-hp Diesel Engine, up to 25 MPH, user-selectable 4WD, four-wheel independent suspension and a large cargo bed. Offered in two-passenger or four-passenger models. This powerhouse will handle the heaviest materials and equipment, and toughest terrain.

Cushman Shuttles

  • Commercial Cushman

    Shuttle 2 (Gas or Electric)

    Equipped with either a 48V DC electric drivetrain or a 13.5 hp Kawasaki® gas engine, the Shuttle 2 offers plenty of power. With 1,200-pound cargo capacity and a 20.9-square-foot cargo deck, it can move anything from lumber to luggage.

  • Commercial Cushman

    Shuttle 2+2 (Gas or Electric)

    Ideal choice for transporting personnel and visitors around a plant, resort, or the jobsite. Comfortably seating up to four passengers with generous bench seating, the rear seat will also convert to a cargo space.

  • Commercial Cushman

    Shuttle 4 (Gas or Electric)

    Combines four forward-facing seats with a spacious cargo bed for efficient transport of personnel and equipment. Available in both a 48V electric and a gas-powered 13.5 hp Kawasaki® engine.

  • Commercial Cushman

    Shuttle 6 (Gas or Electric)

    This is the go-to vehicle for moving people throughout a facility. With four forward-facing seats and a rear-facing bench seat, it can transport up to six people quickly and comfortably.

  • Commercial Cushman

    Shuttle 8 (Gas or Electric)

    With six forward-facing seats and a rear-facing bench seat, the Shuttle 8 can transport up to eight people quickly and comfortably.

Cushman LSV (Street Legal)

  • Commercial Cushman

    Cushman LSV 800 (Street Legal)

    This zero-emissions, fully electric vehicle has a top speed of 25 mph and is legal for use on most public roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. From military bases to health care campuses to city maintenance, buckle up and take it to the streets.

NOTE: All Cushman Vehicles are available on GSA Schedule, State of Maryland Contract, and The National IPA.

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