Industrial Cushman Line

  • Cushman Utility Vehicle

    Hard Work Starts Here.

    There are some workers you can always count on to get the job done right. They labor tirelessly, nose to the grindstone, without the faintest sign of letting up. You can hand them a multitude of assignments, yet they have the skillful ability to complete each of them like a specialist.

    It is for these champions of productivity that we make Cushman work vehicles. Confident and relentless, our industrial vehicles are built to push the limits of hard work and get the most out of every minute of the day.

  • Industrial Cushmans

    Minute Miser

    Energy efficient zero-emissions 24V electric drivetrain with 550 lb. load capacity. Features a flip-down seat for an additional passenger or a small cargo deck for moving equipment and materials.

  • Industrial Cushmans


    With exceptional towing capability and choice of 5,000-lb or 8,000-lb towing capacities. The Tug’s silent, zero-emissions 36V DC drivetrain. An ideal choice for factories, distribution centers and other facilities.

  • Industrial Cushmans

    Stock Chaser

    Designed to work its way through narrow warehouse aisles, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. Spacious cargo deck, 1,000 lb. payload capacity, zero-emissions, 24V electric drivetrain.

  • Industrial Cushmans

    Titan XD

    Built to shoulder the biggest loads, with 3,000 pounds of hauling power and 5,000 pounds of towing capacity. A large cargo deck, Two or Four Passenger seating with plenty of space for all the crew and cargo.

  • Industrial Cushmans

    Titan HD

    Electric, zero-emissions drivetrain in either 36V or 48V configurations. Payload capacity of up to 2,500 pounds. Great for transporting personnel, materials or equipment, the Titan HD will make the job easier and improve workplace performance.

NOTE: All Cushman Vehicles are available on GSA Schedule, State of Maryland Contract, and The National IPA.

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